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Bison Medical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical appliances specialized in skin care was established in 2002. We started to distribute and deal with various kinds of medical instruments at first. Since 2007, we have focused on the laser technology that to be the most important topic in the future medical science and so, have transformed our company to a specializing producer of laser instruments for medical use.
Medical science is important for human health and future. Especially, laser technology has very special position in the center of medical science field.

As a result of our concentrating investment on RND for 2 years, we developed the most functional high technology which other competitors had given up to develop due to technical difficulties. So we have got the license of medical industry from government. Now we are launching up to date new items from our own factory of mass auto production facility based on the high tech know-how.
The “ Fractional laser MORE-XEL” , has been developed firstly from beginning to end by our own researchers, has good reputations as a successful skin care item without side effects from domestic dealers of laser goods and hospital doctors.

Our attached medical science laboratory is researching and developing continuously the new leading items for future laser market. Therefore, we have a plan to launch certain new items which is unknown to domestic market like a “ CO2 laser” , a “ Yag laser” and world’ s first combinational laser items using different waves

We will make a constant effort to be a famous brand company holding world’ s best laser items and promise to contribute to our customers and human being’ s healthy, beautiful and bright future.

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